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» Adasa Heritage Temple on Hilltop

adasa-temple-heritage-site Adasa, a small village about 45 kms from Nagpur is famous for the ancient temple complex situated on a hillock close to the village. It is the site of several prehistoric temples including the popular Ganesh temple that attracts numerous pilgrims. Considered to be more than 4,000 years old, these ancient temples draw big crowds on religious occasions.

The temple precincts cover about ten hectares of land that house the small temples, including that of Hanuman in reclining and standing position. Other deities in these olden shrines include Trimbakeshwar, Bairambuva, Shakti and Bhuyarbaba. The temple of Mahadeo with three lingas is considered a miraculous spot.

The main temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is big with the statue standing 12 feet tall and 7 feet wide, made of a monolithic stone. The area has been developed to include facilities for visitors along with cordons to organize the crowds on special days. People enjoy picnicking in the surrounding areas enjoying the view after paying obeisance to the deities in the complex.

A large fair is held annually at Adasa during Pausha in winters when thousands of devotees throng the site daily. The ancient temples have acquired a timeless ambience lending a mystical aura. The complex lets you enjoy the scenic vista all around the hilly elevation. The hilltop provides views of the surrounding landscape comprising of vast green plains and distant hills.