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» Nagpur Sightseeing

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  Ambazari Lake
Ambazari Lake The Ambazari lake is situated 6-km west of Nagpur. It is the largest and the most beautiful lake in the city. This place is very well managed and preserved by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. The lake also has a garden located just beside it and is a model garden. It was established in 1958 on an area of 20 acres of land. The musical fountain, various electric rides and amusement games make this garden an ideal place to travel and children to enjoy. The garden also offers boating facilities and good walking trails as an enjoying outdoor activity.
  Sitabuldi Fort
Sitabuldi Fort The Sitabuldi fort is an important landmark of Nagpur, located on top of a hill, right in the center of the city. This fort was built by a British officer in the year 1857. It is one of the oldest attractions of the city. One can view this park from the twin hills of Sitabuldi. The fort now houses the office of the Territorial Army, and is open to the public on National holidays.
 Seminary Hill
Seminary Hill

Seminary Hill is a small hillock, situated at a distance of approximately 6 km from the old city of Nagpur. The hill has been named after the Seminary of St. Charles, which is located on the hill only. The main attraction of the Seminary Hill in Nagpur is the natural view that it offers. One can go up the Seminary Hill, which is not a difficult task and can also be attempted by people who do not take part in trekking on a regular basis. After reaching the peak of the hill, one can get a spectacular view of the whole commercial city of Nagpur.

  Maharaja Baug And Zoo
Maharaja Baug And Zoo

The charm of the Maharaj Baug and Zoo of Nagpur lies in the fact that it has a historical lineage, unlike many other places of its kind in India. The Maharaj Baug and Zoo at Nagpur was established a long time back by the rulers who used to belong to the Bhonsle dynasty. There is a fascinating garden, which is called the Maharaj Baug. The name of this garden suggests the historical background of the place. Maharaj Baug was a wonderful park, which was later converted into a botanical garden. It was laid down by the Bhonsle rulers of the erstwhile Nagpur State and today, it also houses a zoo, which serves as home to some rare species of birds and animals.

  Krazy Castle Waterpark
Krazy Castle Waterpark Nagpur also has a small waterpark called 'Krazy Castle' on the western side next to Ambazari lake.



Ramtek Ramtek, Nagpur was also called Ramgiri, as is mentioned in the written documents of Kalidasa, a renowned poet who wrote in Sanskrit. The most important aspect of the place of Ramtek is the celebrations and religious activities that are held here on the auspicious occasion of Ramnavami. Such religious events of Ramtek are mainly centered at the temple located here called the Rama Temple. The region is supposed to have been visited by the legendary figure of Rama, who is one of the most significant and popular characters associated with the myths of the Hindu religion.
 Tadoba National Park
Tadoba National Park The Tadoba National Park is a small park, sprawled over an area of 120 sq. kms at an altitude of 200 m. It is located 100-km south of Nagpur and 45-kms north of the district headquarter.

Taboda is also known as "The Jewel of Vidarbha". It is one of the oldest parks in Maharashtra and is also a Project Tiger reserve since 1993. The area around Tadoba was once highly populated by the Gond tribals. The park is named after their local deity 'Taru', who, according to a legend, was killed in a fight with a tiger. He is still worshiped by the local villagers as the deity of 'Tadoba'.
Pench National Park
Pench National Park Pench National Park lies nestled in the lower southern reaches of the Satpura hills, on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh. Earlier a wildlife sanctuary, Pench was given the status of a tiger reserve in the year 1992, when it was included under the umbrella of "Project Tiger".

This small parish is located on the left bank of Vainganga river. The land gets its name from Sage Markandeya. A cluster of temples exist here housing 'Shiva Linga' which Markandeya is believed to have worshipped. The cluster has an approximate 24 temples and the architecture strongly resembles that of the Khajuraho temples.

 Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at the Tirora Range of Bhandara Forest Division, which comes under the Bhandara District of Maharashtra. It is approximately 130 km to the west of Nagpur and makes one of the popular excursions from the city.



 Balaji Mandir
Balaji Mandir Balaji Mandir is a temple situated amidst the tranquil and awesome environs of the Seminary Hill. The temple, as the name suggests, is dedicated to Shri Balaji, who is its presiding deity. Balaji Mandir also enshrines the idols of Lord Kartikeya, regarded as the Commander of the Army of Gods.
  Tekdi Ganpati Temple
Tekdi Ganpati Temple This temple is one of the most ancient and popular temples of Nagpur. It is located near the railway station. The temple is called Tekdi Ganapati as it is constructed on a hill and in Marathi Language a hill is called as a "Tekdi". It is believed to be approximately 250 years old. Earlier, the temple was not more than a tin shaded temple but later it was constructed as one of the most respected temple. The construction of Ganesh temple was started in 1978 and completed in 1984.
 Shri Vyankatesh Temple
Shri Vyankatesh Temple This temple is located on Dharaskar Road in Itwari, Nagpur. The idea of building a Vyankatesh Temple here was given by respected chief venerable Swamiji Shri Dharacharyaji. The construction of the temple was started in 1963 and completed in 1968.

The statue of the God Vyankatesh is extremely beautiful, made of black stone and adorned with beautiful gold ornaments. There are three festival statues located below the main idol and all three of them are purely made of gold by the skilled artist from Chennai. The main idol of God Vyankatesh had been brought from South India.
 Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir
Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir is located on the Central Avenue Road, which is called the CA Road in short. This temple in Nagpur was established a very long time back in the pre-independence era in 1923.

Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir in Nagpur has a fascinating exterior and interior, which are made up of sandstone and marble. This well-acclaimed temple of Maharashtra exhibits marvelous designs carved out of these two basic materials.
  Diksha Bhoomi Stupa
Diksha Bhoomi Stupa Deeksha Bhoomi is a holy monument for Buddhists where Buddhists receive Deeksha every year on 'Ashok Vijaya Dashmi Day'. Every year a mass congregation of all the followers of Lord Buddha and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar assemble here from all parts of the country. The diameter and height of the dome is 120 ft. granite, marble and Dholpur Sandstone have been used for the construction of this 4000 sq. ft. hall. The President of India has recently inaugurated this majestic monument that is a symbol of national integration and secularism and a place of pride for Nagpurians.