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» Gandhi Sagar Lake History & Attractions

Gandhi Sagar Lake Gandhi Sagar Lake or Shukrawari Talao was popularly known as Jumma Talab. This 275-year-old water body is located in the tight inner-city locked site in the middle of prime commercial areas. The rectangular shaped reservoir has been around since olden times when it was a small lake at the time of Gond settlements in the region.

The lake has been in existence for a record 275 years. Once the Gond reign was ceded to Chand Sultan who became ruler from Nagpur, he began civic improvements for the city. One of the tasks was to procure a source of water supply that was established in the form of streams being diverted to the Nag River that was connected to the water reservoir. It was this very tank that he named as ‘Jumma Talab’ as a gift of the almighty.

Jumma Lake subsequently came to be known as ‘Shukrawari Talao’ during the Bhonsla and British periods when the first Raghuji declared Nagpur as the capital of his domain in 1742. Under him new localities started coming up beyond the fortification walls of the inner city or Mahal which had gates on all sides. ’Jumma Gate’ stands to this day on the western side.

The Gandhi Sagar Lake is now enclosed with stone walls and iron railings. With entrance steps on one side, trees have been planted on three sides. Lighting illumination makes it look attractive by night. With boating facility started in recent years it draws visitors as do also the temples of Lord Ganesh and Zulelal that attract the devout.