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» Popular Heritage Sites In and Around Nagpur

Nagpur is a very ancient city having been the seat of learning and culture since Vedic times. History tells us that the Gond Kings held the territory during the 17th century when it had Deogarh as its capital. Twelve villages annexed by the founder of the Gond dynasty of Deogarh, had Nagpur flourishing during the rule of Bakht Buland from 1687- 1706.

During the Bhonsla rule, Nagpur achieved great importance as the hub city with commercial interests making new economic inroads, despite the heat of independence struggle. Nagpur was annexed to the British Empire in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie, making it the capital of the Central Provinces and Berar. Recently the city celebrated ‘Three Hundred Years’ of glorious existence in the year 2002.

What has emerged from this historical maze has been listing of heritage cultural sites that add glory for the history of the city. In Nagpur alone there are 155 heritage structures, of which around half are privately-owned, while the rest are government-owned. It is rejuvenating to understand local history in the light of observing the ancient structures that are still around.

While some stand upright being relatively new like the General Post Office Building, Bishop Cotton School, All Saints Cathedral and other such British heritage buildings, there are more structures from earlier periods like the ruined fort of Deogarh, temple complexes in Adasa, Ramtek and Markandeya that bespeak of times gone by. The winter capital of Maharashtra is a great spot for history buffs.