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» Central India Landmark - Kamptee Gurudwara

Kamptee Gurudwara The history of Gurudwara Singh Sabha on Kamptee Road Nagpur can be traced back to 1885 when Sardars from Punjab began migrating to Nagpur. Finding the city a good place to settle down, the Sikh community established a Gurdwara close to the railway tracks on Kamptee Road.

The temporary Gurdwara was constructed on the Western side and only later did another Gurdwara in Punjabi Line come up on donated land to establish the present Gurdwara Singh Sabha. A fire destroyed the holy structure and the community rallied by re-creating the Gurdwara on Kamptee Road.

In 1948 both the Gurudwaras were brought under a common management under the name of Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee now known as Gurudwara Singh Sabha. Over the years Sikhs settled in Nagpur prospered and acquired the adjacent areas around the existing Gurdwara premises and went on to establish the grand construction of the new Gurudwara in 1998.

The new Gurdwara made of marble is a landmark religious spot in Central India. With good acoustic system and provision for lodging of Granthis and Sewadars on the upper storey, there are 15 additional rooms for visitors. A grand door welcomes devotees to the main hail which is thirty feet in height. The Diwan Sthan (main area) is 14000 sq ft. in dimension while the 12000 sq ft Langar Sthan (dining area) in the basement has up-to-date kitchen infrastructure.