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» Nagpur City Lakes & Water Resources

There are quite a few large lakes in Nagpur that have traditionally been the major water sources for the residents of the city. These lakes fed with rain water from the catchments of hilly tracts amid which they are situated are really beautiful spots. Set in serene natural locales they offer quiet and peaceful habitats that further add to the appeal of the water bodies.

Apart from natural water sources there are also a couple of man-made tanks that enhance the city aesthetics as also being useful as a resource. There are the Khindasi and Ambazari lakes as also the Gandhi Sagar Lake. Developed along beautification schemes they are well maintained and taken care of to allow them to be sight seeing places of interest.

The Ambazari Lake, just a few miles from the city is the place for kids with a giant dinosaur at the entry point and a musical fountain with dancing lights. The tiny-tot train, play grounds with swings and rocking Columbus boat keeps the kids busy and garden trails allow grown ups to walk about in the delightful surroundings. The aero modeling show of the weekend evenings is an attraction for the young and old.