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» Tajabad Shareef Shrine in South East Nagpur

Tajabad Shareef Darbar Darbar Tajabad Sharif is the tomb of Baba Tajul Aulia, popularly known as Tajabad Sharif Baba Tajuddin. It is an amazing fact that Hindus and Muslims as well as people of several other faiths hold the saint in such high esteem. Located along Maharashtra Major State Highway No 9 the Dargah is situated towards the south-east of the city in Sakkardara district.

Tajabad Sharif is a square tomb with arches on all sides supported by four giant pillars crowned by minarets, over which rises a large round dome. The tomb of Baba Tajul Aulia better known as Tajabad Sharif Dargah is profusely revered by people who visit the site religiously. It is said that you can come here to seek favors and for the fulfillment of your wishes.

This mausoleum is dedicated to the Sufi saint and mystic who is held in high regard by people of all religions. Tajabad Sharif is the site of the shrine of this great Sufi Saint formally known as Hazrat Baba Syed Mohammad Tajuddin, R. A. Established here for the last 86 years, it attracts multi ethnic communities from all over, drawing a constant stream of visitors.

People of different faiths pay homage to the great Sufi-Saint. The shrine is a symbol of secularism and sadbhawana or brotherhood. Nagpur city is well known as an extremely secular place and this site is a really symbolic of the city’s secular character. You will find a multitude of humanity of various creeds coming together to pay respects to the saintly munificence of this spiritual soul.