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» Tekdi Ganpati Temple

Tekdi-Ganapati-Temple Tekdi Ganpati, one of the most popular Ganesh temples in Nagpur draws numerous devotees every day. Located just adjacently opposite to the Nagpur Railway Station, festive occasions and religious ceremonies get thousands of people visiting the shrine that is believed to be a miraculous spot. The devout vouch that their wishes are fulfilled here.

Called Tekdi Ganapati as it is situated atop a hillock, the self actualized image of Lord Ganesh is believed to be approximately 250 years old. The temple is one of the most ancient and revered religious site in Nagpur. From the earlier simple tin-sheet construction the temple has been developed appropriately to make it aesthetically functional.

It is said that the idol of Lord Ganesh is ‘Swayambhu’ or self-evolved and that while originally it was quite small in shape, gradually it has grown bigger to increase to its present dimensions. The image is decorated at the forehead with ornaments made of gold and silver. The diadem for the forehead is exhibited on special occasions only at Chaturthi and Ekadashi.

There are several other smaller shrines around the main central temple. Well organized and maintained the temple trustees take care of ceremonies and functions that get organized from time to time. Devotees consider the temple to be a “Jagruta Devasthan” or awakened holy site which is why crowds throng the place from morning to late night.