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» Telangkhedi Lake and Botanical Garden

Telenkhadi Lake Telangkhedi Lake popularly called Futala Lake is quite a well known spot in Nagpur. It has emerged as the favorite hangout for everyone. The water body amid peripheral open spaces makes it an interesting detour. The renovations and beautification make it more attractive inviting people to enjoy the charms of the lakeside. People love to be here especially under the illumination of halogen lights in late evenings.

Originally the embankments were constructed in the last century by Raje Bhonsla in an attempt to conserve the water body. As the city grew and forest areas around the lake began disappearing due to increasing urbanization, the need to make the area pollution free was felt by the administration. The lake side was improved to make it a clean zone with attractive amenities like pavements, walkways, benches and lighting.

Well known for its charming atmosphere and colored fountains, the pleasant improvements created a brand new atmosphere for the lake. The eye pleasing surroundings make it a beautiful spot that people like to visit every day. Scores of kiosks and fast food outlets invite people to snack out amid the delightful scenery.

Nearby attractions close to the lake include the Botanical Garden, Telangkhedi Hanuman temple and the ancient Shiv Temple. The wide road on one side of the lake leading up to the Air Force base further up on the hill, is a great place for walking. The lake shores attract bird watchers and naturalists who consider it to be one of the best outdoor spots n Nagpur. There is no doubt it is a great location providing a natural escape to this timeless water body.